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Audrey Brooks is the founder of Brooks Counseling Services LLC and Women Empowering Women Inc. She is also a Board-Certified Christian Counselor where she received her credentials from The International Christian Institute. Pastor Audrey received her degree in Human Service Management from University of Phoenix.

In 2013, she founded Women Empowerment Women, a non-profit organization to increase confidence, provide support and the necessary tools for continued growth and personal development in all women. In the last six years, Women Empowering Women has helped  change hundreds of women’s’ lives through services offered in their programs. The programs consist of personal and professional workshops, community service, social events, annual fundraising events, an annual conference, and an opportunity for membership in the organization.

After receiving her credentials as a counselor, Pastor Audrey continued her pursuit to change people lives. In 2014 she founded Brooks Counseling Services, a faith-based support service that integrates Biblical and Psychotherapy principles. It is through her own struggles to let go of past hurts; she diligently works to help others release the hurts of the past. Brooks Counseling Services specializes in:

– Rejection- Anger
– Incest
– Abuse
– Marital Conflict
– Shame
– Fear
– Unforgiveness

Through the Brooks Counseling Services, Pastor Audrey started the “Release the Hurt Support Group”; a haven for women to talk open and honest about their feelings. The support group offers an opportunity to share personal experiences, feelings, gain a sense of control and empowerment, and learn coping strategies. Pastor Audrey offers the “Release the Hurts” Journal and the “Release Series: Seven Keys to Letting Go” to help clients who are struggling to let go of past emotions. Both the journal and the series help clients redirect their minds, recreate purpose, and restore their hearts.

To keep in aligned with her purpose and passion, Women Empowering Women is now located in three locations: South Florida, Houston, and Kansas City. Audrey believes that “if anyone is in Christ, they are new creatures, old things have passed away and all things are new.” Therefore, anyone can grow through change and become healthy and well-adjusted individuals mentally, spiritually, and physically.

Audrey’s vision is to make disciples of all nations by empowering, educating, and encouraging people through Women Empowering Women and shifting leaders from past to purpose through Brooks Counseling Services. Pastor Audrey also travels around the country bringing awareness to the psychological price of entrepreneurship and provides needed support strategies to help leaders overcome mental health issues impacting the successful manifestation of God’s vision.

With over 35 years’ experience in leadership and a purpose filled passion to inspire and ignite forward movement, Audrey has empowered women to release the past, resist stagnation, and arise from spiritually desolate places.  Audrey is a native of Winnfield, Louisiana and the mother of three children: one son and two daughters. She has been with her college sweetheart, William Brooks for over 38 years.


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